Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Plantar Fasciitis

Well, it sucks, that's about all I can say.

This is a self-diagnosis, mind you, but it sure fits so I'm pretty sure it's it.

I over-wore my aerobic shoes. I knew I'd blew them out and then wore them at least another week. And I go daily. Right now I'm sitting with ice on my heel so I'm contained and figured I'd spend a minute on my neglected blog.

So, let's see, what else has happened since the summer?

We have a gorgeous new floor. Seriously gorgeous. I still kind of admire it when no one is looking. The dining room is purple, and looks great. I'm waiting for my security clearance so I can start working soon, (I've been given an offer based on my ability to secure the clearance, it's been over 4 weeks and it was said to be a 6-8 week process) I'm heading to Mexico on a girl's vacay to celebrate a friends' 40th next Thursday. The twins are turning 7 in 2.5 weeks (wow).

James continues to thrive, sometimes we have setbacks (the holidays were very hard for him) and sometimes you'd simply never know he'd been institutionalized for his first 6 years.

Darby's getting better and better at her voice output device, and becoming so much more verbal. Sunday some friends came over and she walked up to the mom and made eye-contact and said hi twice!

Cory is excelling in everything. And Pokemon has entered our life. I don't think I'll ever really figure out what the heck it is, but he loves it.

Bruno's dealing with the constant threat of job cuts. The high-tech industry has really put us on edge. C'mon Detroit, get your butt in gear...it's not like this wasn't coming for a very long time, why acted so surprised with no plan to figure this out on your own?

Okay, off my soapbox. My icing is finished (at least it's just all I can stand right now). I'm going to add a couple pictures, just cuz it's fun. Two are from our Annual Autism Walk and the other one is James creating a gingerbread masterpiece!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

It wouldn't be fair not to mention Wii in the holiday discussion

So, we are a Wii family.

You either are, or you aren't.

We play Wii Sports. We play Wii Fit. We play Mario Brothers. Bruno has Wii Fitness Coach and likes it. We are a Wii Family.

We have Guitar Hero. I personally think this is a blast. We've played it exactly 3 times since Christmas.

Why you ask?

Because we can't get the kids off the Wii! LOL

Seriously, it's funny. Everything they do is to earn Wii time. Shoveling the driveway, workbook pages, cleaning (well, I can dream).

Here's Darby doing Wii Music. Seriously cool stuff if you ask me.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Well, honey, that's why it's called shopping!

Bruno ran to the store for me tonight with a list.

On it was Oranges.

He came home and said "well, the bagged oranges just looked awful. The price was $6.99 too, and there were only 6 oranges in the bag. The single oranges were only $.79 each, so I bought those."

"Yes, honey, that's why it's called shopping".

Seriously...did he think it was easy spending all his money?

(Hi Blog!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Holy Moley! Lightning!

Friday morning, I was getting the kids loaded into the car, leaning in to buckle Darby into her seat and out of nowhere a tree not 30' away got hit by lightning. I could see the strike through the windshield of my car.

Immediately, well, really at the same time, the garage door opener above our heads (I'd closed the glass of the sunroof thankfully, but not the shade) exploded.

Figured it out later, but what seems to have happened was the lightning hit the tree, arced over to our mosquito magnet which is less than 10'or so away, and the lightning/electricity surged up the extension cord into the garage where the mosquito magnet is/was plugged in.

So far we've lost our wireless router, a TV, a DVD player, and the mosquito magnet. Oh, and the GFCI outlet on the porch next to the hot tub. Since we're still working the claim with Allstate for the living room floor that flooded while we were out of town, I feel like they'll think we're making this stuff up.

Oh, and yes, the kids were freaking, but we made a game of it. The loudness made Darby cry, but I ate her face until she was laughing. James is currently afraid of everything, so he was more of a challenge. Cory took it in stride.

It wasn't even drizzling when the lightning hit. It was totally out of the blue. Oh, and the neighbor's across the street lost a TV, it exploded and started on fire. So...all in all, I'd say we were incredibly lucky.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristen

24 today. Aw baby...24.

Here's how I would have wished your day....

Wake you up early, with laughter and breakfast & coffee. (yeah, I know you wouldn't live here, but this is my dream)

Shopping for a special outfit for you to wear tonight out with your friends. Lunch, a long lazy one where you tell me what is on your mind and where you want the next year to take you. A pedicure in the afternoon.

Big dinner with the family. All of us around a table in a restaurant singing our lungs out embarrassing you. Cake, Candles. Then watching you do your hair as you go out with your girlfriends to celebrate. Waiting up on the couch...kissing you goodnight.

Heaven better have kick-ass birthday parties. I love you baby.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just one of those days...

Opened the back door this morning to let the dogs out and .... eek gads....a snake.

And frankly, the day hasn't improved much.

Making BF's birthday cake today, meeting at school with Dynavox & Darby's spec educator, but it was really an ineffective meeting for me, not much meat for me to get involved in. Darby's doing very well in her summer program and with her VOD. She rocks.

Tomorrow is James' first appointment at the behaviorists working farm. This was expensive, so I hope it's effective. He's had some tough times this summer, the lack of structure & he really has no memory of last summer at all...his earliest memories really seem to be around his birthday. Even with pictures of people or events, you can tell he's lost.

As usual, Cory is just loving living life. Nothing escapes him, not one ounce of fun will be passed over.

Back to the trenches. We'll see what form of rodent or reptile plagues me the rest of the day.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hello Blog! So much to catch up on!

Let's see...

Last week we drove to Delaware. First, let me give you background.

Sister in law (SIL) is helping Mother in Law (MIL) and Stepfather in Law (SFIL) to buy a house a mere two houses away from hers. (she's freaking certifiable if you ask me, but hey...who asks me?) First off, she absolutely cannot stand SFIL. To the point the man is not allowed to step foot in her house...so...she's helping them live 2 doors down??? Okay, you get the picture.

Anyway, the house was supposed to close on the 26th. Well, there was a lot of cleanup and such that needed to happen in this house, it had been repossessed and was in serious shape. So, Bruno was going to spend 3-4 days helping rip up carpets, paint, etc., and I was going on to my friend's Steph's in PA, only 2 hours away.

So, we drive to Delaware with the kids. Trip is actually very long, but good. Kids do fairly well, only had to stop to let the boys pee on the side of the road once on the way down. We get to SIL's in Delaware, ~11:30 or so, spend the night. Get up and kind of laze the morning away, SIL is at the closing, we go look over the house 2 doors down (realtor left it open and SIL is having trees cut down....sooooo not cool since she doesn't have the keys yet, but hey...who are we, the escrow police?)

So, closing does not go well, some kind of discrepancy over $2200, should be handled the next day, I leave with the kids for my friend's house in PA.

Spend a wonderful 2 days in PA. Pool, sun, fun, good food, good friends, kids have play-mates (Steph has b/g twins just a bit older than Cory & Darby), I have my sweetest friend making me loads and loads of strawberry daquiries (or were they margaritas? who knows?), and then...dandandaaaaaa the phone rings. It's Bruno, it's Saturday afternoon, and he's begging me to come pick him up.

I stutter....um...haven't fed the kids yet! Yeah, that's the ticket, the kids need to eat! I can't just drop everything and drive 4 hours round trip, the kids need to eat! Woohoo, I'm saved, right? Nope...he's desperate. SIL is on the warpath, the closing never happened the next day either, the realtor came by and threatened to call the police and charge them with trespassing, they can't work on the house and then to top it off, her A/C goes out! So, she's furious and hot! He needs to get out of there.

And I look at the 3rd pitcher (I think?) of margaritas we've been drinking (or are they daquiries?) and I know I can't drive....and Steph's sweet husband looks up and says..."I'll go get him!"


So, he comes, we drive back on Sunday, we get home ~7. ~10pm we notice it's wet by the dog's crate...great, she peed on the floor. Damn! We sop it up with towels, go to bed. The next morning I come home from J-cise and Bruno looks at me and says "we have a problem". The floor is absolutely soaked.

Turns out the stand up room portable A/C unit (does NOT hang in the window) has been dumping water onto the floor through it's (obviously) defective de-humidifier.

Yes, we had to rip up the carpet. Yes, the really beautiful (why was it ever covered???) wood floor under the carpet is TOTALLY RUINED! Called insurance, homeowners, and they calculate our claim--without ever coming out here to look at it--and send us a check (for like $600). I have a guy come out to give us an estimate on removing the rest of the carpet, fixing the cupped wood flooring, etc., and he says "this job is way too big for me, I'll call a buddy of mine that does this size of work and have him come out". Hey, Allstate, I don't think $600 is going to cover this....

So, Bruno decides it's time to do a complete makeover to the family room. Hello 46" LCD flat screen. It's home is over the fireplace. Looks great there. Add to it the new sound system and the mystery couch I have yet to order and then the mystery floors we have yet to get an estimate on and voila! You have our new living room.

Seriously...we're going to the wood floor, but it's going to need some serious work. The boards where the A/C leaked are beyond sanding & refinishing and need to be pulled up and replaced.

So...fast forward....

Jazzercise'd the parade this 4th of July, the boys rode in the back of a convertable collector's Camaro, waving flags. Danced my butt off in the heat, was loads of fun, can't wait for next year's parade to do it again.

Took the boys to pick strawberries today, making pies tonight. I am not Martha Stewart. (I have to keep telling myself that)

Here's the boys today...